Saturday, April 30, 2011


I have never considered myself as the adventurous type.  I don't feel the need for speed.  I don't ride rollercoasters.  I have never flown because I have a phobia to heights and falling.  But for some strange reason, a couple of summers ago, I allowed my family to talk me into ziplining.  I knew I had messed up before the first run.  I was totally uncomfortable with the walk up to the jumping off platform.  We had to walk up an incline on 2x4s holding on to a rope handrail; it was very shaky.  It put a whole new spin on the swinging bridge!

There were 5 runs total.  Of course, I was the last one to jump in our group.  It was the scariest thing that I have ever done.  Then to add to my overwhelming sense of fear, just as I am about to jump...some lady screams out, "Oh, look, there's a squirrel!"  Now, I am a country girl and I know quite a bit about squirrels.  I know that they can actually leap from tree to tree.  I know that they have long sharp teeth and claws.  So here I am, whizzing through the woods on the zipline, and praying that the loose squirrel doesn't decide to jump as I am going by and land on my face!  Now, wouldn't that be a sight?  It would be worse than Ray Steven's song about the day the squirrel got loose at the First Righteous Church.

I survived the zipline experience, but whenever someone suggests ziplining around me, I just say, "Been there and done that!"  Although, I usually don't like taking risk, I do surprise myself at times.  I took a doula training and attended a birth where I actually cut the cord!  I did an impromptu comedy act in front of an audience where I just ad-libbed my lines.  I recently signed up for zumba classes and very much enjoyed it. I also took the A-Z Challenge and wrote my way through the alphabet during this month (April).  I loved it!  I appreciate the comments that were left and the new blogging friends made along the way.  Everyone keep writing and telling your stories!


  1. We did it! Congratulations! I have an award for you!!

  2. Your's is a blog that I somehow missed. Now I'm following.
    This was too funny. I might have liked ziplining in my younger days, but I don't know about now. And I've always had a fear of heights. But I've seen this on television and thought it looked kind of fun. TV is probably as close as I'll ever get.

    Congratulations on making it to the end of the Challenge. I'm glad you had fun and made new friends. Now you'll be ready for next year.

    Don't forget to pick up your Winner's Badge at my site.
    Tossing It Out

  3. I fly but I hate it. I will NEVAH Zipline or whatevah it is called. :( I'm a self-admitted scardy-cat and I'm not afraid to let the world know I like plain old walking opposed to do anything else.

    This post was hysterical...I loved it!

    Thanks for visiting me today. I smiled BIG. Such fun!