Thursday, April 21, 2011 for STOP making out in front of the children!

I really didn't know what I was going to blog about today, and then I saw two high school kids making out while waiting to load the bus.  Today was one of those special days at school.  The elementary and middle school students loaded the bus and traveled the short route to the high school to watch a performance of a musical called "Ever After".  After the show, the youngest of the students were loaded onto the buses and taken back to the elementary, but the middle school students stayed at the high school to load the buses.  I was standing with my students outside until they were on the buses.  The high school students come out of the building to wait for the buses.  A group of teachers are discussing the two high school kids who are wrapped together like a pig in a blanket. "Maybe they are just trying to stay warm," one of the teachers commented.  It was a chilly afternoon.   No, I don't think so.  I look over and the young lady is kissing on the guy's neck.  How far is all of this going to go?  I mean there are people EVERYWHERE!  Hello!  Finally, a high school teacher goes over and breaks up the love fest.  It turns out the couple are expectant parents.  I understand why!

Whatever happened to modesty among our young people?  There are some things that are better kept behind closed doors.  Parents may be concerned about sex education being offered in public concerned with whom your children associate and hang out with.  Your child may get an education with your next door teenager.  Our music, dance, television shows (including cartoons), and internet all encourage a sexually exploited world among our youth.  I ask who is responsible for this?  How did this happen?  Maybe as adults, we have failed to teach our children modesty.

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