Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pieces of April (written April 1, 2011)

Here I sit beneath the night sky at Roaring River State Park.  The river will lull me to sleep tonight.  I took the challenge of a fellow blogger to write throughout April from A to Z.  However, I can not get internet service so I will have to post when I get home.

PIECES OF APRIL...this is a song title of a popular 70s group, Three Dog Night.  So as I start on my month- long venture of writing, I thought it appropriate to entitle my writings as such, 'Pieces of April'.

for some odd reason, April has never been one of my favorite months.  Maybe it's because of the still cold and damp days and nights, or the rainfall that sometimes occurs; it's also tax month.  At school, it's the month we do the dreaded annual State Exam.  Maybe I don't favor April because the birthstone is just plain, (unless you dig down deep and get the real thing) a diamond.  But for whatever is what it is.

But for now, on this particular April night, life is pretty good.  I am with my husband and son and my little pug, Duke, enjoying an evening under the stars and a black velvet sky, a taste of the simple life.

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