Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Today is Wednesday and 'W' day.  My topic for the day is weddings.  If anyone has turned on their television  at all this week, likely, you have heard some wedding talk of at least one upcoming wedding, The Royal Wedding!  Many people are very excited about witnessing the exchanging of the vows between Prince William and Kate.  Many are wondering about the wedding dress and the designer.  How exquisite will the bridal bouquet be?  Who will be in attendance?  I plan to record the entire wedding.  Then there are others who are simply bored with all of the wedding details and will be glad when it is all over.

I have another wedding to soon think about and plan.  My daughter recently became engaged and wants to marry within the next year.  As soon as I get out of school, she and I will start planning, looking, trying on dresses, and spending lots of money.  Before she can set the date, we have to find a wedding venue that has an open date.  Then there's The DRESS.  It has to be perfect.  Will she go more traditional or contemporary? We will need to book the wedding photographer and videographer.  The reception (my favorite part) will have to be planned and booked.  So much to do!  One thing I do know, no matter what style of wedding or where it is held, it will be beautiful.  My daughter is so beautiful.  Her smile can light up a room.  Love is a beautiful thing that God himself created.  I pray that my daughter and future son-in-law are blessed with a love that only grows more beautiful with the passing of time.

Now, I have a question for all of you bloggers out there:  will you be watching The Royal Wedding?


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