Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy Birthday, Hannah

Today is a milestone birthday for my little friend, Hannah.  She is turning 13 today.  Later, my family and I will be joining Hannah and her family to celebrate.  Hannah is holding true to her Hebrew name, beauty and passion.  Hannah's beauty is both physical and inner-beauty.  Like the Biblical Hannah, my little friend is also a Christian and has a passion for the Lord.  The Bible story of Hannah tells a story about a woman who is childless.  She desires a son, and she cries out to the Lord to grant her a son.  Because of her faithfulness, Hannah is indeed granted a son, whom she called Samuel.  Hannah dedicates her son to the service of the Lord and gives him back to the Lord's calling.

Today, I wonder what is the heart's desire of my little friend.  I pray that God blesses her as she matures into womanhood.  I pray that he watches her steps and guides her in all of her decisions.  I pray protection over her and her family.  I pray that she finds favor with her Lord all of the days of her life, and may all of her birthdays be happy. 

Happy 13th birthday to our little, beautiful, Hannah!

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  1. Thanks Sherry, I'm truly touched! I think the best part was hanging out with you guys. :)