Monday, April 4, 2011

C is for Cookbooks

I collect cookbooks; I have over 100 and that is not counting the paperback ones that are picked up at the stores or cooking magazines.  The oldest one that I have is one that I actually helped to type in high school during our typing class.  It was a school fund-raiser called 'High Cotton'.  The most recent cookbook that I have purchased is 'Cooking Light: fresh food fast'.  I plan to use that one this summer while my garden produce is in abundance.  I have cookbooks from various churches:  The Joy of Sharing Our Church Favorites, Thank Heaven for Home-Made Cooks, and Feeding the Flock.  One of my favorite spiritual cookbooks came from a trip to Tennessee to visit Billy Graham's Training enter, The Cove.  What an awesome trip that was!  The resort's chef at that time even autographed my book for me.  I have cookbooks from the various schools that my husband and I have worked at which includes two from our present rural school on the state lines of Arkansas and Missouri,  The Dog-Gone Good Cookbook and Bulldog Bites.  I collect cookbooks from the different states that I visit.  I have 'The Best of the Best of America' which I am using to cook my way through the states this year as my 2011 New Year's Resolution. For my 50th birthday,  a friend gave me a copy of her family's cookbook that includes wonderful family photos and stories.   My husband collects Case knives and we sometimes attend the annual Case Festival.  My husband got bargins on knives and he bought me the Case Family Cookbook.  I have Wal-Mart cookbooks.  My collection contains several of that butter-loving, Georgia peach, Paula Deen's cookbooks.  If you have never eaten sweet-potato biscuits, then you don't know what you are missing!  Some of my favorites include the annual Taste of Home cookbooks; American cooks from all over contribute their mouth-watering recipes.  That is a place I plan to visit one of these days, The Taste of Home Headquarters.  I have been to one of their cooking schools years ago.  I also enjoy browsing through the 'Gooseberry Patch' cookbooks with all of their seasonal hints.  My husband gave me Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking along with the movie Julie and Julia a couple of years ago for Valentine's Day.  I also have a few pioneer cookbooks, including a couple of Laura Ingalls Wilder cookbooks.  These are special to me because as a child  my teachers, Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Hix, read the Little House Series to my class; later I also read the series.  I always wanted to see the Little House in the Big Woods.  I never dreamed that I would one day live so close to Laura's home where she actually wrote her books. A few summers back, a friend and I took a roadtrip to find the Little House in the big woods of Wisconsin.  The big woods were gone and the Little House was just a replica.  I did find a good Wisconsin cookbook, though!   I have Oprah's cookbook and Morgan Freeman's.  I have recipes from country singers.  Some of my more humorous titles include:  White Trash Cooking & White Trash Cookng II (another gift from hubby's fishing trip to Canada).  My cookbook that comes from the farthest distance is my Czech National Cookbook, a gift from my daughter's trip to Prague.  I also have All Around the World; now that makes a fun family event to host meals from around the world!  My husband and I recently purchased a juicer with its own cookbook.  There are many health benefits to using a juicer.  It's worth searching out on the internet.  I have several different diet cookbooks like Weight Watchers and Bob Greene: The Best Life Diet.  I'll close with one last title:  The Bible of Southern Cooking (and ya'll it ain't no diet cookbook!)....Happy Eating!

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  1. I have a pretty hefty collection of cookbooks myself. Being from the Boston area, my favorite is the "Coastal Living" one, lots of things like New England Clam Chowdah!

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