Monday, April 11, 2011


Imagery is using words, without illustrations, to create a mental picture for the reader.


The silence of the night
Must have echoed
In your ears
Throughout the night

The ticking of the clock
Must have sounded
Like the beating
Of a snare drum

The darkness of the outside world
Must have crept in like a thief in the night
With a fog of depression
That stole your soul's light

All glimpses of happiness faded
With the approaching of day
The walls crashed in
And the floor gave away

The whispers of despair
Filled your ears
Lies stole the truth
You lost all heart

The weight of the lead
Must have felt like a ton
Coldness of metal
Against your damp skin

The clicking of the hammer
Must have been hard to bear
The sound resonanting
Silence filled the air

The thief sold you lies
That replaced the truth
The cost was too high
For all of us, especially you.


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