Friday, April 22, 2011

Traveling and Texting

Please, just don't do it.  If you feel you must text or talk on the phone while traveling, please just pull over.  Accidents can happen so quickly.  I know we would all feel so horrible if someone lost their life because of a bad judgment call that we made.  My family is out there on those roads, so please don't text or talk on the phone while you drive, and I will extend the same courtesy to you.  Have a safe and blessed Easter weekend.


  1. I watched Extreme Home Makeover a few weeks ago and they did a house for a family who lost their teenage daughter to texting and driving. I went to the Alex Brown Foundtion sight....signed the pledge not to text and drive...and bought a thumb band that says simply, "texting kills" I have worn it ever since. I am not one to text and drive....because I am not coordinated enough....but I don't want ANYONE doing it! Thanks for the great reminder!

  2. I can't understand how people even think that it's ok. If you text, you have to read, taking your eyes off the road.

    AND take a hand off the steering wheel.

    Not to mention dividing attention. That is probably the biggest issue, because it slows reflexes.