Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Say Something Nice

Valentine's Day is the perfect day to say something nice to someone.  Sincere compliments are nice to hear on any day of the year.  I received a nice compliment from one of my aunts this week.  She had read one of my blogs and told me that I had done a nice job at writing it.  This meant a lot to me since she is a writer herself.  That one compliment encouraged me to continue my blogging, especially since I am enjoying it so much.  Once again, the gift of a compliment, comes without a cost.  The dividends are high, though.  Look around today and see how you can bless someone!

*  If you work with children, school or Sunday School, this is a nice way to give the kiddos practice
    at giving compliments.  Pass a blank piece of paper (or a big Valentine construction heart)
    around the room for everyone to write down something nice about that person.  This is a good
    activity to do for a student's birthday.

*  One of my favorite cakes:  Earthquake Cake
    This is an easy cake to make and so good to eat!  In a 9X13 cakepan that has been greased,
    sprinke pecans and coconut (a cup for each).  Prepare a German Chocolate cake mix as directed
    on box.  Pour on top of coconut and pecans.  Then with a mixer, blend together 1 stick of butter
    or margarine, an 8-oz. package of cream cheese, 1 teaspoon of vanilla, and 4 cups of powdered
    sugar.  Drop spoonfuls of this mixture onto the cake mix.  Bake in a 350 degree preheated oven
    for about an hour or when a toothpick inserted in cake comes out clean.  The cake may be
    cracked, but that's okay because it is an 'Earthquake' cake!

*  A fun game idea for an adult party:  Each couple goes off with a camera to take interesting
    photos.  You can make this like a scavenger hunt.  Some of the requested photos may be:
    have someone take your picture standing in front of a fountain,  have someone take your picture
    while sharing a favorite dessert, take a photo of  a couple who have been married for a long
    time, etc....  You might want to make each couple's list different.  Set a predetermined time for
    all couples to be back at your place with the pictures.  Download the pictures for everyone to
    enjoy.  The first couple to get back on time with all of the pictures is the winning couple. 
*  A Valentine Progressive Dinner is a fun way to celebrate with friends.  Each couple/person
    will prepare part of the meal:  appetizers at one home, soup at another, salad at one, main
    course at the next, dessert and coffee at the last stop.  At each stop, games or activities can
    be planned; for example:  at one stop a Valentine trivia may be played, at the next dancing, 
    followed by karaoke love songs, anything that sounds fun for the evening!

*  How about hosting a Valentine Bunco Party?  Everyone brings something pink or red to
    give away for prizes!

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