Friday, February 11, 2011

The Gift of Solitude

There are times when we all need it....peace and quiet.  My favorite quiet time is early in the morning.  I like to watch the sunrise and hear the birds chirping.  Early morning is also a favorite time to read my Bible.  I think of the song 'In The Garden'.  Just as we value our quiet time, we need to be understanding when our friends and significant other request their alone time.  Solitude renews the spirit and makes us all better.  Remember that solitude is a gift; the next time that you are racking your brain trying to decide what gift to give that special person, you might surprise them with the gift of solitude!  I think they will be pleasantly pleased!  Maybe it will be an afternoon at the spa for a massage (hopefully, your masseuse won't talk the whole time like mine did!), or a weekend away to just unwind and rejuvenate!  Whatever the occassion, solitude is a gift that should never be underestimated!  The exception might be an anniversary or Valentine's Day!  But, nothing would be wrong with an I.O.U for the following weekend!
Happy Valentine's Weekend!

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