Thursday, February 10, 2011


Favor can be defined as a kind or obliging act, a friendly regard, to support or advocate on someone's behalf, to be pleasing, to make easier, or simply to help.  I am being blessed as I write these blogs because I keep being surprised at how easy the ideas are coming to me!  As I set out to write this blog, I thought," Ok, what am I going to say?"  Then I told my husband that I would write the blog after we watched a movie that he had recorded.  The movie was based upon a true story about a single mom with six children.  She moved her family to Idaho in search of her dream home.  She and her children worked hard and sacrificed to build a home out of a shack, only to have it completely destroyed by a fire.  But through that hardship, she and the family learned to accept the friendship of a community and were blessed with a new home.  Some of the local people showed up to build the family another home, a better one than before.  The family finally had a home, not in words or boards alone, but a place where they wanted to be, a community where people accepted and cared for them.  The community offered a 'favor' to the woman and her family, and the family also found 'favor' with the community.  Who in your life today, tomorrow, or next week can you bless with the gift of a 'favor'?  Who has blessed your life with a favor?

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