Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Superintendent's Wife

I am so new to this and do not know what I am doing.  Since this is my first attempt at a blog, I thought I might explain how I came about my page title, 'The Superintendent's Wife'.  I have been married to Dan for almost 30 years.  In these years, I have followed him around to different school districts.  It has given me the opportunity to gain teaching experiences at several different grade levels and positions.  Whenever we would go to a different school, it seemed like I was always being introduced as 'the superintendent's wife'.  Come to think of it, I might still be introduced that way, and we have been at the current school for almost 14 years.  It's okay and I really don't take offense to it.  I am proud of my husband and the life that we have created together.  Maybe there are others who would like to explain how they came about their title for their blog page?  We all have a story...waiting to be shared.

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